Selecting and Designing Equipment

Hints and Rules can be provided for many types of equipment - from compressors to distillation columns, to heat exchanges, to vessels. Such guidelines are useful in preliminary design calculations and cost estimates.
These hints may be valuable for preliminary design and cost-estimating. They have been obtained from a variety of sources and publications and are intended as a helpful first estimate only.
The hints given here are subject to various qualifications.
Accordingly, most of the rules are best applied by experienced engineers familiar with their application. Glyde would like to emphasise whilst helpful the use of these hints is at the complete risk of the user and professional advice should be obtained for specific designs.
We ask that all people adopt the much vaunted concept "When in doubt ASK"

Hints These hints are from a variety of sources including SM Wales, Perry Chemical Engineers Handbook, and others with more information on these available from engineer@abstel.com

Drying and SolidsConveyors for Particular SolidsCooling TowersCompressors and Vacuum PumpsCrushing and Grinding
Extraction, Liquid-LiquidCrystallatisation from SolutionFiltrationHeat ExchangersMixing and Agitation
Particle Size EnlargementpipingPumpsReactorsRefrigeration
Size Seperation of ParticlesUtilities, Common SpecificationsVessels (Storage Tanks)

The information is arranged by commonly recognised categories. In some instances, definitions and general statements have been included for clarity.